Turquesa is new, flash and really something different. The exterior and interior are what attracted us to have a look inside, but the food itself is another good reason to visit this restaurant. Interestingly, the interior designer happens to be the same person who designed Allegra Gelato e Café and Casa do João and there are even products for sale from the latter.


The friendly couple Ericka Coelho and João Akerley initiated a business in 2014 with selling food at their house. Later they started selling at a food stall and because of their popularity they made a big step and opened this restaurant; Turquesa. Turquesa is the name of a stone, but the main reasons why they called their restaurant this way is because the rivers in Bonito look turquoise in colour and as they specialise in Arabian food and Turquesa in Portuguese sounds like ‘Turkish female’. Besides food and accessories, the couple might start selling a local artist’s paintings in the near future too, decorating the walls beautifully.


The below dishes are the ones we tried and together provide for a fresh and tasty varied dinner for two. There are options for vegetarians, vegans and fitness fanatics. The detox juice of callords, mint, ginger, flax and two fruits of the day (we chose lime and pineapple) is as delicious as it is healthy plus it is very refreshing (RS9).



  • Sweet potato coxinha: pear shared deep fried croquettes made of sweet potato dough with vegetarian filling: collards, red onions and mozzarella cheese. RS5
    (also available with shredded beef filling)
  • Falafel: fried croquettes made with chickpea, sesame, mint and spices. Served with labne (thick yogurt) sauce with lime and mint (gluten free). RS6


  • Combo: lime, onion and pita bread served with portions of:
    • raw kibbeh: made of bulgur (cracked wheat) and raw ground lean beef with Middle-Eastern spices
    • labne (thick yogurt)
    • hummus tahine: chickpea spread with tahine (sesame cream) and spices
    • eggplant salad (aubergine): made with olive oil, bell pepper, raisins, garlic, onion and spices
      (the above combo portions are also available separately)


  • Frozen coconut cake slice (Ericka’s mom’s recipe; a Brazilian specialty). RS7
  • Halawi: traditional Arabic sweet made with sesame. RS6


The falafel is the best we’ve ever had and each of the dishes were good. Besides the above plates that we tasted, there are many more options. This Arabian food provides a great alternation from Brazilian food.


Opening Hours:
Mon-Tue 18:00-22:00
Wed-Sat 11:30-14:00 & 18:00-22:00
Sun Closed

Phone +55 67 3255 1726