On this same street (Presidente Franco) we found a hip Paraguayan ice-lolly shop with great artesian lollies: Paleta Pop. They don’t only look amazing, they taste amazing too! There are many South American flavours and types are innovative, too many types to choose from… Since there are not that many Paraguayan specialties, in our opinion it was important to try as much Paraguayan food as possible, so we chose 10 different lollies. Still, we are curious about the others!

Each of them was truly delicious and strong in taste. New flavours keep arriving and also new shapes; by now the chocolate-bar shaped ice-lollies are in the shelves, fun! There are several branches in Paraguay, make sure to try it! These are the once we tried:


Creamy flavours (in order of our preference):

  1. Arroz con Leche (‘rice with milk’); a delicious South American dessert in ice-lolly shape. It exactly captures the delicious and creamy rice pudding flavour, but this time it’s frozen.
  2. Peanut butter; a new flavour for us and só peanut butter and nicely creamy. A must for peanut butter lovers! ó
  3. Chocolate with Dulce de Leche; very good dark chocolate ice-cream with a dulce de leche filling (caramalised sweetened milk; another South American specialty); mouth-watering.
  4. Mascarpone; cream cheese with raspberries, a super combination, sweet, creamy and fresh.
  5. Flan con Nutella; yet another common dessert in South America; flan (‘egg tart’), so tasty.
  6. Dulce de Leche con Galletitas Oreo; flavoursome dulce de leche ice-cream with two whole Oreo cookies in it. Delicious, but we would prefer more of that great ice-cream comparative to the cookies.


Fruity flavours (in order of our preference):

  1. Limon; very refreshing (yet sweet) and beautifully designed.
  2. Mburucuya; the origin of the term ‘maracuja’ (passion fruit); deliciously fruity and pretty sweet.
  3. Kiwi; super strong kiwi flavour, albeit extra sweet.
  4. Primavera; raspberry, mburucuya and kiwi; red, orange and green like a traffic light. Well, we give it green light!


No matter what flavour you choose, you’ll choose right.