We are two Dutch sisters with a great passion for life. We love everything, that’s why we are all over the place and all over the planet. Today, we are on a world trip for more than 600 days already and still counting.



We were raised in a nice little village in the north of The Netherlands (Eenrum) and are lucky to have wonderful parents who took us on a holiday at least twice a year; to the snow, the mountains, the beach and the sea, to museums, castles, metropolitan cities and ancient villages. This way, we developed a huge urge to wander and discover more.

In 2007, we replaced ‘holidays’ with ‘travelling’. We jumped into the deep; without a plan and just our backpacks we flew to Beijing and travelled through China for five weeks. This experience changed our view on the world and on ourselves. It is amazing to see another part of the world with your own eyes, to meet the people, taste the food, smell and experience totally different things and discover beauty everywhere. Above all, we discovered that we are not only close sisters, but perfect travel-partners too!

After this trip, Lotte stayed in Hong Kong for six years and also lived in Sweden and Vietnam in between. While living more than 9000 km apart, we always reunited by meeting up at new places in the world and exploring different countries and cultures.


On this blog, we like to let you see the planet through our eyes (LOtte & LEonie PLANET) and hope to inspire you by sharing our adventures and travel tips.




Lotte is a sports addict and loves trying, learning and experiencing new things. Always, she creates opportunities and grasps opportunities with both hands. She is a fan of exploring new places and meeting new people from diverse backgrounds. She hugely enjoys all her senses and is always curious to touch, taste, smell, watch and listen to something unknown. Being a food lover, she’s keen to ‘eat it all and burn it all’. Lotte completed a Bachelor in Business, a Master in Finance and another Master in Economics, both with distinction. She worked for four years full-time at KPMG China in Hong Kong; 2.5 years as a consultant in Advisory and 1.5 year in Corporate Social Responsibility and worked as a model part-time.

Leonie graduated with distinction from the Design Academy Eindhoven and worked for nine years in Amsterdam as an interior and product designer and project manager for Tjep.,Vandaag is Morgen and Studio Molen. Projects varied from Schiphol Airport, Heineken The City, to several restaurants, museums and store interiors. Besides these projects, Leonie also runs her own design studio and works on fine art projects ( and applies her amazing creativity every day if her life. Leonie loves living in Amsterdam and enjoys its culture, museums and festivals. Even more important are her friends there with whom she enjoys cooking and playing sports.

In February 2015 we quit our jobs to explore our planet. We did not prepare for this trip, we did not set a budget, we did not have a plan where to go, nor for how long. We only planned to start with New Zealand and Australia.

In New Zealand, we bought a camper to enjoy the greatest amount of freedom and independency. We called him UZ, derived from Isuzu and standing for Unsaturated Zone, since we painted it black and white inside and out. In Chile we bought another camper to tour through South America. We gave it our signature style and named it UZ2. In other countries, we found other ways of transport.

we love life and we live it!
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