Grilled Pacu fish, not to be missed!


When nearly everybody is ordering the same dish, you can be pretty sure it’s going to be good. This is exactly the case at Juanita Restaurante, where you can order ‘pacu na brasa’ to serve either 2, 3 or 4 persons. This big, round, black fish which you can also see while snorkelling at Rio da Prata, tastes absolutely stunning from this special style grill topped with capers. Don’t worry, all fish in the clear rivers around Bonito are well protected and fishing is strictly prohibited. The fish on your plate comes from another location and is served with side dishes such as the Brazilian typical ‘fish gravy’.


This grilled pacu is one of the best fish dishes that we have ever had! Besides, the terrace is great, service is excellent and the waiters will kindly fillet the fish for you. You will get complimentary bread with aioli as a starter and during lunch hours there’s a cute coffee corner to enjoy free and real good coffee with home-made peanut sweets (pé-de-moleque), another specialty of Brazil. It was so good that we had to come back another time and send our friends here. A wonderful choice either for lunch or dinner!


Opening Hours
Wed-Mon 11:00-14:15 & 18:30-22:30
Tue Closed