There’s one thing that we don’t like about bonbons in general and that is that they are too small. However, at Jaracatia Bombons they solved this problem with their giant, cute-looking bonbons. Even more important; they taste great and you are sure to find new flavours, which you have never found anywhere else as there are many fillings of rare fruits which are only found in Brazil. It is hard to make a choice, as there are so many different fillings. The solution is simple; choose many!


We tried the below nine flavours (sabores) and gave them our personal ranking (with No. 1 being our favourite bonbon).

1 Jaracatiá; carrying the same name as the chocolateria itself, we find this the most special and delicious filling, tasting somewhat similar to grated coconut and even called ‘poor coconut’ as an indication that it was used as a substitute for coconut itself. This filling is originally made of the soft stem of a 2-6 m high jaracatiá tree, however, nowadays the branches of an adult tree are used in order to preserve the trees. It has a nice bite to it.

2 Umbu; a local fruit of which Jaracatia Bombons also sells jam. Very tasty.

3 Seriguela; just like the other fruit flavours, this chocolate is filled with cream and a jam of the seriguela, which tastes a bit like figs.

4 Cupuaçú; actually we loved all the bonbons with fruit fillings and so did we love this sweet, fruity jam filling.

5 Palha Italiana; a great dense chocolate filling with cream and cookie, very delicious, but less special compared to the tropical fruit fillings.

6 Hibiscos; hibiscus is an eatable flower, which was made a tasty creamy filling.

7 Jaboticaba com Pimenta; the jaboticaba fruit grows on the trunk of its tree and provides a great fruit filling which can pair with the little chilli inside. However, personally we would prefer it without pimento (also available) and would have ranked it higher on our list in that case.

8 Castanha de Barú; This seed has a nutty flavour and combines well with chocolate. There were four whole seeds in our bonbon and a lot of cream.

9 Pequi com Pimenta; a large fruit and a very creamy filling. Again, we would prefer it without the pimento.


When we are back in Bonito, we will for sure get some more of our favourite flavours and try out more new flavours!


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